Our Legacy

Ocean City is known as "America's Greatest Family Resort." And nowhere if that reflected more than in the African American community. Family is not just a blood connection, but for many it was a necessity for survival. The residents traveled from Florida to Update N.Y. for work and would later settle and develop an amazing community with little to nothing. 


With the help of the labor of the men and the services of the women, Ocean City hosted millions of people annually. At the same time, the Black community began to grow and would eventually produce business owners, churches, restaurants, and hotels. Later came the barber and beauty shops, gas stations, employment agencies, corner stores, pool rooms, the Elks Lodge, and of course, a couple speakeasies. The generations of children would proudly serve in the Armed Services and accomplish great academic, artistic, and athletic achievements.


Over the years, the community dealt with national issues like racism and income inequality, but together with many members of the white community, the town would build a union that, although tested, would persevere. Today the numbers have decreased due to housing development and people moving out for greater financial opportunity. But not matter how far people go, Ocean City will always be home. And the legacy will live on with the families who continue to reside and flourish there.


Our goal is to honor that legacy by maintaining it and sharing it within and outside our hometown.